HERO MAX Beef Liver Capsules

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HERO Max – Beef Liver  is rich source of Heme – Iron, B12 Folate Antibiotic and hormone free Vitamin A and Copper, source of selenium for cognitive function and potassium intake
that may lower your blood pressure

Grass -fed and finished into milled powder.

Size: 90 capsules.

Heme-Iron combats tiredness and fatigue, Max reduces feeling sluggish
Supports cognitive function, attention. Concentration, memory
Beef Liver is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals low in carbs and high in
protein, Beef liver promotes overall health and wellness HERO Max Beef Liver
exceeds other so called super foods and every day micro nutrients, assists
with Muscle strength, performance and improved cardiorespiratory endurance.


Serving suggestion 2 capsules per serve with food or liquid as desired.
90 Capsules Other ingredients gelatin capsules.
Beef Liver
90 Capsules

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  1. Jack Brown

    I’ve tried various supplements for cognitive function, but HERO MAX Beef Liver Capsules truly stand out. The combination of Heme-Iron and essential vitamins has improved my focus and memory. The quality is evident. Great product!

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